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Hi I’m Adam, the host of the Unsubscribe From The Cubicle podcast.  First and foremost, THANK YOU for checking out the Unsubscribe From The Cubicle community.  We have designed this to be a resource for people that are looking to start their own business and leave their 9-5 cubicle style job.  You might have a different type of job and still looking for the freedom to do your own thing.  Don’t worry, this is for you too!


The main event is the podcast that brings most of us together.  It’s a chance to interview the trailblazers that have gone before us and have experienced success that we can all model.  I’ll ask a lot of the questions, but I’m also going to rely on the community to stimulate the conversation with thoughts and questions.  So if you have a question you are dying to ask or a hurdle you just can’t seem to get over, let us know and we will attempt to address it on the podcast.  Make sure you subscribe on iTunes or through a smart phone podcasting app.


The second resource we have is our blog.  There are lots of opportunities to listen to podcasts, whether that’s during exercise, driving in the car, or doing some yard work.  But some of us prefer the written word on a singular topic.  The blog will definitely be for you!  Make sure to subscribe to the blog to get the latest posts.


Lastly, we have our resource page.  For years I’ve spent WAY too much time testing out different business and productivity tools out there.  Hopefully, this is to your benefit.  I’ve put together a page of my favorite trainings, tools, and platforms that will help save you time.  Tools and resources can be a FANTASTIC help to our business, but it’s very easy to get lost and overwhelmed with all the options out there.  I’ve tried a ton of them, and lay out the ones that I use and like the best.


Remember, I need your help and want you to be a big part of this community.  Feel free to get in touch with us.  I love to hear from you!  Leave a voice message for our podcast for a chance to be part of an upcoming show.  Also, let us know who you want to listen to as potential guests and I’ll consider inviting them as a guest interview.  We also partner with a charity called Feed My Starving Children.  If you would like to join in on our giving you can check it out by clicking here.  The goal is to help clarify the steps you need to start your own business and give you the motivation to make it happen!

You got this!